• Advising on compliance with existing federal regulations
  • Drone certification under Part 21 and Part 89 of the FAA’s rules
  • Part 89 Means of Compliance (MoC) completion and filing
  • Part 89 Declaration of Compliance (DoC) completion and filing
  • Part 89 compliance with labeling and serial number requirements
  • Part 89 Remote ID design and production approvals
  • Part 89 Serial Numbering per ANSI/CTA-2063
  • Part 89 FAA-Recognized Identification Areas (FRIAs) application preparation and filing
  • Part 47 and Part 107 aircraft registration, renewals, changes, ownership affidavits, and sales
  • Part 107 Certificate of Authorization/Waivers


  • Review and approve noise data and analyses
  • Review and approve noise test results
  • Witness and approve noise certification tests


  • Advising on FAA operational and performance requests
  • Part 21 Production Certificates for Production Approval Holders (PAHs) including 21.137 Quality System Implementation and 21.138 Quality Manual Development
  • Parts Manufacturer Approvals (PMAs) including Airworthiness Approval Tags (8130-3)

Part 89 Explained

In April 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) implemented a new rule, Part 89, which requires Remote Identification. In essence, this rule creates new operational, performance, and message element requirements for drones, with an 18-month certification deadline for manufacturers and a 30-month deadline for pilots. The timeline for compliance is short, and it is essential that your filing is correct. The RoC Aviation Services team is your FAA liaison, successfully handing filings on your behalf to keep you flying safely.